Mission Statement

At Excelerate Academy, we pledge to create a transformative educational experience for Project Management students, Career-ready Individuals, as well as Global Citizens. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent opportunity for our students to excel at the highest international levels in project management.

Rose-Kerlyne Azor — Founder & CEO.

About Me

I am the Founder & CEO of Excelerate Academy. Teaching has always been a passion of mine throughout my life, I strongly believe that it is never too late to learn new things. Over the years, I have taught and tutored students from various places all around the world including: USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Argentina and other countries throughout South America and the Caribbean. With over a decade of experience, my goal is to provide ease of access regarding information my students need in order to have an opportunity for life long success. I am proud to share this experience with you and help you excel in your project management journey!

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